Thank you so much to all of you for your patronage and support of COA over the past four-plus years. We’re taking a hiatus from new content on the blog here. As with anyone, the leadership team has to direct our focuses (foci works too) on other efforts. This includes developing art and merchandise for the COA shop on Redbubble, which, like many elements of our brand, will soldier on. We’re not sure whether COA will be an active online journal at some point in the future, but all the art we’ve given to the world already will continue to exist here.

COA family member EDO Trains is now a triple threat, with the merchandise stores, a vintage and rare railroad videos initiative, and a fine scale model railroading design and manufacture division featuring exquisite, never-made model kits and hard-to-find or never-made detail parts.
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All our writers will continue their craft beyond COA. We hope that you’ll stick with your favorite writers and artists from the COA family.
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Always remember that we’re all in this together, that we have more in-common than we do differences, and that each and every one of us is no better than the other.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


3 COA Authors Featured in “Write City Magazine”

Over the past few years, three COA authors have been featured in Write City Magazine, the online publication of the Chicago Writers Association. Most recently our own malcontent Augie Truesdale’s ramble about dog-earin’ and cliches and the shark eating the marlin were published in June. Check Augie’s piece out here. Try to guess how many shots of Jim Beam rye it took to write it.

COA author and Write City contributor Monte Verde

Monte Verde, back when he did such things. Playing dress-up, I mean.

The Chicago Writers Association has published a first-ever print compilation of some of the finest WCM pieces of the past half-decade. We’re excited to announce that C. D. “Charlie” Monte Verde (twice) and  Erick Sierra (once) both made the cut! Those pieces have been featured on our site as well. We’ll republish one of them in an upcoming week.

COA author and Write City contributor Sierra

The good Dr. Sierra

Don’t play the guessing game on which piece we’ll re-post! Purchase the first-ever Write City Review journal, one copy for $15 (click this link) or two for $20 (click this link).

Happy summer, people!