Waning Days at the Double Door

Written Saturday, 9 April 2016, at the now-comatose Double Door on any number of disorganized cocktail napkins. Thank you to Southside Irish Dan for lending his sturdy mick back as an easel.

You have to come to your own conclusions if a waning days mentality makes you want to step into a legendary concert venue or not.

For the Double Door, it’s a mixed bag. Yes, there’s a noticeable freedom to vape here that’s unprecedented in the above-board club circuit. But it’s hard to tell if there’s a grand hustle at the front door or not. The Last Days of Rome vibe creates rumors of extortive pat downs and keystone coppery on the way in. Luckily, I don’t vape, but I also don’t carry cash, so I don’t know what I’d barter to keep anything prolific they find on me.

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Confessions: My Two Months Driving Lyft in Chicago

lyft confessions are lyft diaries of erick sierra experiences car sharing

Mr. Sierra, taking notes. Click photo to view COA Instagram.

Last year, the ride-share company Lyft offered explosive financial incentives in order to generate a gold rush of business into the Chicago market.  The bonuses being low-hanging fruit, I signed up as a driver last fall and banged out my 100 rides.  But I walked away with more than just cash.  Unlike my usual flâneurie, which is immersed in urban anonymity, Lyft driving opened access-ways into human experience unlike any I’ve known.  First a question—a curiosity blooming into a discussion—then suddenly an entire human life opens before you.

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