The Seasons Have a Sit-down

unreasonable unseasonable old man winter

Winter had been mouthing off a lot lately. Icy talk not yet backed by action. A cold war, if you will.

Spring and Summer decide a sit-down with Winter is in order. Hash it out. “Do I have to be there?” Fall asked. This doesn’t concern you, Summer replied.

Spring was unsure why Summer felt a need to be there.

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COA Facebook page is now live

cult of americana blog facebook page

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Is Facebook the tool of the devil?

According to the “Pursuing The Path” blog, yes. Yes it is.

Does it distract you or I from more productive things like creating more art to keep the world beautiful? Yes. Yes it does.

All that said, it does exist, in a very 1.25 billion users kind of way, so we’ve added a facebook page at
Please follow us there if you love taking a break from creating productive, beautiful things to read other productive, beautiful things.