As Seen at the Flying J, Lake Station, IN

Things move quickly at the Lake Station Flying J. If there’s a line at the front register the Cinnabon Lady can cash you out too. She can do everything the regular cashiers can, she shouts in a way that sends a message to regular cashiers everywhere. Can you work the scale too, a trucker asks. Sure can, honey, what’s yer number?

The action is hot outside too. A lady of an age to know better seeks assistance. Well God Bless You anyways, she tells me. She moves over to two road hogs and they aren’t as friendly. The trucker in the Pink Floyd shirt shakes the other’s hand when the announcement comes over the P.A. that number 29, your shower is ready, I repeat your shower is ready.

There’s another world here that you hold your nose at if you’re not a part of it. If you don’t have to be a part of it, pardon me. But something tells me that their world is the real world in a way our world will never understand.

route 66 museum dwight il on a steamy summer day. lake station

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Charlie Monte Verde

Charlie Monte Verde

As COA founder, Charlie cultivates original American art forms. Charlie was raised in Upstate New York before moving to Chicago, and honed his writing skills in Mrs. Bonar’s AP English class before he was bumped down to the regular English class.
Charlie Monte Verde

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    Hi, Charlie!

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    Connie Wilson
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