New Writer Welcome: Emmie Strickland

Please join the COA family in welcoming our newest writer, Emmie Strickland! Emmie’s bio will be available shortly on our About page. Subscribe to COA so you don’t miss her upcoming debut piece ‘The Thoughtful Ballerina.

What’s a common misnomer about ballerinas that you wish to dispel today?

When I say I’m a ballet dancer, a lot of people ask me if my life is like the movie “Black Swan” and it is not at all! Most dancers within the ballet world are all incredibly supportive of one another. Of course, just like any other career, there is competition that abounds, but it is nothing like that movie.

Name a guilty pleasure song, that perhaps has nothing to do with ballet or the fine arts generally, but that you’d listen to over anything from Swan Lake.

“L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole or “Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega.

How long can one dance professionally, and what does one do when one’s dancing days are through?

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Waning Days at the Double Door

Written Saturday, 9 April 2016, at the now-comatose Double Door on any number of disorganized cocktail napkins. Thank you to Southside Irish Dan for lending his sturdy mick back as an easel.

You have to come to your own conclusions if a waning days mentality makes you want to step into a legendary concert venue or not.

For the Double Door, it’s a mixed bag. Yes, there’s a noticeable freedom to vape here that’s unprecedented in the above-board club circuit. But it’s hard to tell if there’s a grand hustle at the front door or not. The Last Days of Rome vibe creates rumors of extortive pat downs and keystone coppery on the way in. Luckily, I don’t vape, but I also don’t carry cash, so I don’t know what I’d barter to keep anything prolific they find on me.

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