The author, a late bloomer on non-traditional college graduation day, age 26, 2008

The Late Bloomer’s Back-to-School Bible

Some helpful tips for going back to school as a working adult (non-traditional student), including how to pick a school and aiming your course load at your dream job.

Howdy, future non-traditional student!

Your backstory and mine could be completely different. That’s okay, Circumstances are circumstantial. I can’t say I have any terrific reasons for finishing school as late as I did. But it allowed my life to unfold in a very natural way, and now I wear the late bloomer label with pride. I didn’t finish college when I was ‘supposed to’, but I sure finished it when I was ready to.

Life experiences are a pay it forward endeavor. We’ve both made it this far, so let me run a few non-traditional back-to-school tips past you and then you take it from there. Continue reading